Bespoke by Ella

Hey lovely, if you've landed on this part of my website, you may be looking to enquire about ordering your own bespoke design. These designs are created for you and only you. They're handmade to fit your body perfectly & sewn to order. Hours and hours of work will be put into creating your garment... this will be one of the most special designs you'll ever own. My bespoke designs are usually purchased for a special occasion. Please order well in advance of this occasion (Ideally 2 months minimum) to avoid any disappointment. Here's a step by step guide on the process of how we create your dream outfit. 

1. Enquiry // 2. Design // 3. Measurements // 4. Fabric Samples // 5. Fabric Order // 6. Creation of Pattern // 7. Sew together // 8. First Fit // 9. Alterations if necessary // 10. Final Fit. 

To begin your enquiry please leave your contact details below, along with design ideas & the date of your special event. Thank you, Ella.